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Walking the Beket
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Walking the Beket

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Anyone who has ever been owned by a dog (especially a Kelpie) will relate to  this story by West Australian author, Esther Kershaw.  Beket is full of energy, highly intelligent, loyal to the last - and he finds humans just a bit confusing.  His job is to organise and protect his beloved family, keep peace between the house cats, and fulfill his duties as Leader of the local chapter of the Paw Clan - a great responsibility.  Set amongst the hills of The Basin in Victoria, and illustrated by the Author's daughter, Sharon Kershaw, this book will touch your heart and tickle your humour as you run with Beket through the Dandenongs, fighting fires, rescuing security guards, foiling horse-thieves, saving damsels in distress, and generally loving life.  On a different level,  Beket  touches on unconditional love, helping your neighbour, detainees, immigration, and caring for those less fortunate than ourselves.  It's a fun look at life through the eyes of a dog - a Tale for young and Old or anyone who loves animals.

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