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Animal Aid has a strong focus on bringing people and pets together. A significant part of this goal is about keeping pets and people together. When someone falls on hard times it can often be the pets who suffer.  We understand that these hard times are often temporary and people just need a bit of support until they get back on their feet.  When people are experiencing certain challenges in their life, Animal Aid responds by providing emergency accommodation for their pets on a case by case basis. This may include people who are:
•    Experiencing financial difficulty
•    Requiring a hospital stay
•    Under psychiatric care
•    Drug affected
•    Elderly
•    Disabled

In collaboration with their case worker these people can access short term accommodation for their pet at a greatly reduced rate.

Pets at Risk

Pets need protection - Domestic Violence affects them too!
No one should live in fear. And no one should feel that they have to stay in a violent situation. 

Domestic Violence is an abuse of power. It occurs when one person exploits a personal or intimate relationship by means of intimidation. While abuse may be physical, it also manifests in more subtle forms, controlling and threatening behaviours, stalking or causing harm to personal property in order to frighten or control. A treasured family pet is a very powerful tool that perpetrators can use to intimidate and coerce a victim.

Counsellors repeatedly hear reports from women whose partners have threatened or even harmed their pets in an attempt to get them to think about the consequences of trying to leave the violent situation. As a result many women delay seeking assistance, with research indicating that up to 40% of women delay their escape by up to three months out of fear for the safety of their pets.

In an ideal world, women's refuges would be able to accommodate these animals with the family but due to several factors this is not possible, that is why Pets at Risk is so important. We also understand that just because someone doesn’t have the means to pay for their pet's stay with us, that shouldn't preclude them from accessing the service. This service helps around 60 families turn their lives around every year at a cost of more than $30,000.

Please help us to ensure that we can continue to provide an option to families who are experiencing domestic violence by making a donation to the Pets ar Risk program today.



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